"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela

Research and Publications

AHRA offers a reputable platform to local and international academics, activists, and researchers to engage directly with and frame discourses in the debate regarding the role of human rights in the Arab world. Through collaborative initiatives with publishing partners and the dissemination of essay collections and other publications, AHRA seeks to support the work of up-and-coming scholars who have taken an interest in investing their critical thinking in contributing to the human rights paradigm in the context of the Arab region, but who may not be presented with the opportunity to be published in their country due to academic censorship and the lack of independence of higher educational establishments. Publications will be welcomed in both English and Arabic.

  1. Book series: ‘New Perspectives on the Long Arab Spring’

    The changes we are witnessing today in the Arab world are profound, but they did not appear from nowhere in 2010. Neither is there any prospect of a neat conclusion. The concept of the so-called Arab Spring both helps us to articulate a dramatically shifting socio-political landscape poised at a pivotal historical moment, and obscures the historicity and futurity […]

  2. Submissions

    If you would like to be published by the AHRA, please complete the following form and submit to the AHRA, along with an abstract of your article or dissertation, a concluding summary, and the complete work as a PDF. The minimum length of your submission must be 10,000 words, and should not exceed 20,000 words. Please […]

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