"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela

Human Rights Documentary Film Festival

The AHRA organises an annual documentary film festival in London, UK. The event focuses on combating cultures of violence and probing the ideas of human rights and democracy through thought-provoking and informative documentary films produced by international or local artists.

The main aim of the festival is to provide a platform for alternative films, and to give a voice to artists and storytellers who do not make it to the mainstream. The aim of the festival is also to trigger vital discussions about crucial topics that are often considered taboo in the Arab world. Moreover, the festival offers a unique for the free exchange of ideas between filmmakers, students and activists, religious leaders, state actors, and policymakers.

As part of the festival, four junior film-makers will also be given the chance to receive training and produce their own documentary film with the financial and technical support of the AHRA.

  1. Submit a Film

    The AHRA call for submissions for the annual documentary film festival is now officially open. All film-makers are welcome to submit their work for consideration. A total of fifteen documentary films will be selected for screening during the festival. To submit a film, please complete the following form. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday 13 August 2014.

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