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Experience human rights 

: Organize academic and workshops to enhance the experience of human rights by the decision-makers in Britain and the Arab world, as well as international organizations such as the European Union and United Nations bodies related to human rights. This workshop is one of the important work that seek to

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          Promoting reform in the area of ​​legislation and policies at the state level. Most of the Arab countries had signed on a global or regional treaties on human rights. This is necessary to protect and respect and support the exercise of fundamental freedoms within the judicial systems, leading to accountability for it

          Encourage dialogue between religions and between cultures at all levels to promote civil society organizations play an active role in the defense of human rights and also in the prosecution of violators. Through the involvement of actors other non-governmental organizations such as religious and political institutions, trade unions, artists and minorities, because they impact on the local culture and communities to bring about change and to address human rights violations

Development of international cooperation and improve the application of international human rights standards. It is those who cooperate Academy with it in this context are the organizations that represent the international community and limited membership to the governments of countries globally or regionally, such as the United Nations, the European Union and the African Union, with its privileged position to raise awareness on issues related to human rights and to obtain their support in the field Our work

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