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AHRA’s International Journalism Award

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The AHRA’s International Journalism Award seeks to recognise the work of the most intrepid and thoughtful Arab reporters, audio-visual journalists, and writers in their respective struggles to confront human rights violations, fight corruption, and shed light on environmental concerns in their countries. With this award, we wish to recognise journalists working in both mainstream and local media channels.

Each annual award will be named after a journalist who sacrificed their lives in order to defend civil society’s individual and collective right to freedom of expression.

Durgham Hashem © Amir Al-Hilou

Durgham Hashem © Amir Al-Hilou

The 2014 award will be named after the Iraqi journalist Durgham Hashem, who was abducted by the Ba’th regime after publishing a daring article amidst the Iraqi uprisings of 1991 in which he challenged Saddam Hussein’s regime. Since his abduction, no one has been able to account for what happened to Dergham nor trace his whereabouts, and he has been missing ever since. The AHRA dedicates this year’s International Journalism Award in honour of Durgham’s courage and honesty.

If you would like to apply to be considered for this award, you will need to complete the following form. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday 13 August 2014.

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