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AHRA’s International Film Award

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Films are an invaluable, and often the only, source of information and insight during wartime and humanitarian crises, but also during peacetime as a pivotal source of awareness with respect to the reporting of human rights violations and as a manifestation of accountability and transparency.

The AHRA International Film Award, presented at our annual documentary film festival, encourages Arab filmmakers to undertake the production of moving and daring films. We especially encourage submissions of films that seek to convey grassroots human stories, and to expose the lack of accountability imposed on governments and non-state actors, as well as the extent of human rights abuses in the Arab world.

The festival, and indeed this award, supports objective, non-political, and marginalised voices that focus on promoting meaningful change through art and culture.

To be considered for this award, please complete the following form. The deadline for submissions in Wednesday 13 August 2014.

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